Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On the way to the forbidden land...


Some quick news from Xining. Yeah I know, this is indeed not in Tibet (if you haven't bought an atlas yet, it's not too late...). After we spent one month cycling almost freely on the amazing Kashgar – Kathmandu road, the PSB eventually caught up with us shortly after Ali, a stone's throw away from Mount Kailash. Sent back to Kashgar with a police escort. 48 hours by jeep to backtrack what took us a month by bike!

Anyway, the adventure was well worth it. Plan for the weeks ahead: find a way to reach Lhasa and continue cycling to Kathmandu from there. Here are a few photos of the ride from Kashgar, no time for a complete report in English now, a more thorough update will come later. You can read a bit more on the blog in French : http://transhimalaya.blogspot.com.

Kudi La, first pass

Resting after riding at night through our first checkpoint

Stunning scenery in Xinjiang
Still far from Tibet
Pierre enjoying the corrugated road on a cold morning

Aksai Chin

It's a tiny bit cold in the Aksaï Chin (-25°C in the morning...)

Morning snow

Sunset (or was it sunrise ?)

Lake near Tielong. Sirengou in the background

Sunset on Sirengou

On the way to Qienshan La (5400m), soon in Tibet at last !

Stunning scenery upon entering Tibet proper (though culturally, it doesn't feel like Tibet)

Lugmo Lake

First Tibetan flags...

Road after our second checkpoint in Domar
Pangong Tso

Pass after Ali

More photos on Pierre's website:Route Kashgar - Ali.


  1. wonderful epic cycling journey!
    Neil B (Qinghai -Tibet 1990)

  2. Great images. Thanks for sharing your journey here in your blog. Nice work!

  3. Great blog guys! Handy having some written experiences of trying to get through. It seems much more relaxed these days but maybe that is a misconception?

    1. I haven't followed the news much lately. Last I heard about Western Tibet was last year and it was completely locked down by the Chinese authorities. No idea how things have evolved since then. All I know is that the road is now paved all the way. If you have the oportunity to cycle there, I'll be delighted to follow your adventures.