Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tso Khar - Tso Moriri

Permits in hand, we head back to Tso Khar. We wake up early to go get the 4.30am bus to Keylong. A 6 hr bus ride and a 2 hr walk later, we are back at the dabha. We retrieve the bikes and decide to move on. This break may have made us lose 2 days, but it has also pepped us up thanks to meals of lasagna, tandoori chicken with chips and salad, and banana pancakes! So we set off for new adventures in top shape despite the short night.

The first kms of tarmac right after Tso Khar are quickly ancient history. Follow 2 days of sand, washboard and stones (with some short respite near Namshang La which is paved), and 2 passes around 4,900m before we reach Korzok.

The tricycle still causes a sensation, as always,
especially among nomades on the High Plateaus.

Unusual encounter

The best tested technique in sand :
towing the trike
with a strap tied to the front boom!

Tipping over on sandy banking.
Should have paid more attention to the incline of the road.

We stay 1 1/2 days in Korzok for the festival which attracts all sorts of nomads (tourists and locals alike...):

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