Friday, May 15, 2009

The project

Let me introduce myself : Nanette, with my bike (doesn't sound that good in English, but it rhymes in French...).

And here with my trike :

After several trips - which always seemed too short - in the Himalayas, I really felt like doing a bigger journey, taking time to explore the region more deeply, to meet the people. Of course, travelling by bicycle seemed obvious to me, for the ideal pace it provides, and the pleasure I take in it. The trigger point was when I discovered recumbent bicycles (and particularly trikes). Chance meetings did the rest.

The project :

I want to travel across the Himalayas to continue exploring the world's highest roads, across Northern India, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, Chinese Turkestan, Tibet and Nepal, for 8 months, this time on a reccumbent tricycle and on foot.

First stage in the summer 2009 in Ladakh (Indian Himalaya). After a first cycle-touring trip in the region on an up-right bicycle (summer 2008), I would now like to go back to Northern India on three wheels. This trip to familiar ground in the summer 2009 will enable me to fully test the trike and make all the needed adjustments before undertaking a longer and more demanding journey. It will also give me the opportunity to explore some remote parts of Ladakh, including the newly open Wari La road and set a record by taking a tricycle to 3 of the highest motorable passes in the world (Kardung La officially 5606m – Chang La 5360m - Wari La 5328m). I also plan to do some trekking in Zanskar and some climbing (Mentok II 6090m, and maybe Stok Kangri 6153m).

I'll start the journey with Pierre who will ride with me from Keylong to Tso Khar and Tso Moriri. From there, we'll attempt climbing Mentok II.

Itinerary and schedule

1) Indian Himalaya (Ladakh - Zanskar) - July/August 2009
2) The Pamirs (Tajikistan - Kirghizistan : from Dushambe to Osh, then Tashkurgan pass towards Chinese Turkestan) - July 2010
3) North Karakoram (Chinese Turkestan and North Pakistan : from Kashgar to Gilgit return, via Karakul lake and Hunza valley) - August 2010
4) West Tibet (Kashgar - Lhasa via Mount Kailash) - September/October 2010
5) Friendship Highway (Lhasa - Katmandu) - November 2010
6) Trek to the Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Peak - December 2010

Back to Europe via the Transmongolian (January 2011)

Recumbent tricycle

I first had the opportunity to discover recumbents during a cycling trip in the Alps when I happened to stop at M5 in Doussard. I immediately fell in love with the tricycle for its comfort and its stability. It is fun, original and a very friendly means of transportation, creating great interest and even fascination. It will thus allow me to break many cultural barriers. I believe it is a fantastic way to access areas that are rarely visited.

Here is the Trice QNT that I will be riding. It is made by the English manufacturer ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering Ltd) and was set up with the help of Céline Trousseau (Cyclociel, a recumbent bike shop in Lyon) :

More information on the project on the website :

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