Friday, December 12, 2008

First ride today!

First ride : some twenty kms, mainly on a cycle path. I finished mounting the trike on Wednesday but could only try it on the parking lot because there was much snow on the roads. Today, the sky cleared up at last. I finished work at noon and went cycling in the afternoon. Only 20-25 km, but enough to realize I’m not quite ready for climbing any pass! I need to build up some muscles…

First report: as expected, the trike rides fantastic. It is very comfortable and easy to handle. I rode mostly on cycling lanes, flat and smooth, with no particular problem. Some bits were snowed in and impassable, so I had to get off and push a couple of times. Going uphill was definitely hard work (and VERY slow), but this should improve with training.

I rode on the road a bit, found it a bit stressful at the beginning being so low, but only met a few cars that weren’t driving fast anyway. One of them was looking at me instead of the road, and I thought for a second that they were heading for the ditch… I also rode on a small track for a couple hundred meters, the trike behaved much better than I thought it would. Actually, I could hardly feel the bumps and holes. The only thing was that I got stuck twice because it was slippery and the rear wheel wasn't giving any traction.

I will still have some adjustment to make (the rear derailleur was not correctly tuned, the front mudguards moved a bit, and I'm not sure the front boom is perfectly adjusted yet).

Oh yeah, I forgot, my feet did get cold! But there might be another reason than a faulty design on the trike… I’ll try not to forget the overshoes next time I ride in cold weather!

All in all, I ‘m delighted with the QNT !


  1. Wouldn't an ICE TNT with its 17 cm ground clearance be more suitable for the mountainous terrain you travel?
    Bon voyage!

  2. I ruled out the TNT for its lack of stability (too narrow for its ground clearance, the centre of gravity is too high). The T would have been an option but I eventually chose the QNT which is narrower and more compact.